Added in-browser editor to 100 courses

Tailoring courses has just become a whole lot easier. If you’ve ever wanted to customise your organisation’s online training, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced long forms to complete, having to scour long documents and mark up changes, or cumbersome editing tools that require hours of training. Our team has worked tirelessly to build an in-browser editing tool that allows you to make changes to your courses in real-time.

For the first time, you can now tailor your e-learning directly within the course. Edits are clearly visible as you make them and results can easily be shared with your colleagues via a unique link. Learn more here.

New micro-course on socio-economic wellbeing

Research shows that an organisation that promotes diversity and inclusion not only enables its employees to reach their full potential but can also better meet the needs of a diverse base of customers and service users.

Our new socio-economic course explores how your organisation can implement inclusive business practices.

Updates to the university version of our safeguarding course

Our Safeguarding Essentials course explains what safeguarding is and how to spot problems among vulnerable college students. We have added some additional content covering legislation in the UK, Wales and Scotland.

SRA sexual misconduct course updated to reflect new guidance

Sexual Misconduct: Understanding the SRA Guidance explains the SRA’s guidance on the appropriate handling of sexual misconduct within regulated firms. We have updated the course with new SRA guidance on bullying published in May 2023.

In our course Export and Import Controls, users learn about customs declarations, dangerous goods shipments, title transfers, incoterms and trade controls. We have added automatic feedback to all the questions in the test section.

New course catalogue

Following the expansion of our courses library, we now have a new course catalogue covering 45 topics and over 500 courses. The catalogue covers courses for all industries and jurisdictions and our training is fully customisable.

New social engineering Take 5 course

We have added a short course taking learners through what social engineering is to our cyber security course collection.

New Introduction to Information Security course

Information security training

Our latest information security course is designed to educate members of staff on their personal responsibilities for information security and helps to ensure that organisations are protected against cyberattacks and breaches. Set in an engaging, immersive format, the 35-minute course offers a good introduction to employees on the topic of information security.

If you already license our fraud and & fair competition course collection, Introduction to Information Security will be added to your LMS automatically.

Updates to two anti-money laundering courses

We have updated two of our flagship anti-money laundering courses. The main update is that we have changed a section on beneficial ownership in unit 5.

New safer universities course

Our new safer universities course explores the challenges that students face, dispels myths and gives clear guidance on the responsibilities of individuals, staff and students, to ensure they can act accordingly and responsibly. Although there is great overlap between the student and staff approach, the course will be tailored to either staff or students where appropriate, with the relevant content and guidance.