DeltaNet International, a global eLearning provider of compliance, health and safety and performance training solutions, has today announced the growth of its business through the integration of Cylix Limited, which was recently acquired by parent company Marlowe plc. Following this expansion, DeltaNet International will also be aligned into Marlowe plc’s new WorkNest brand.

Cylix Limited, an eLearning software platform based in Bath, was acquired earlier this year with a total enterprise value of £1m. It provides accredited equality, diversity, wellbeing and health and safety eLearning courses to organisations within the UK.

From today, Cylix customers will have an opportunity to access an expanded library of 200+ compliance, health and safety and performance courses, in addition to fresh content in different formats to help them re-invigorate training, keeping learners engaged. Cylix brings strong expertise working with various sectors, such as education and public sector organisations, including the University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh and LSE.

WorkNest is a collective of employment law, HR and health and safety support services, comprising specialist companies within Marlowe plc. The integration strengthens DeltaNet’s offering, as the leader of Marlowe plc’s eLearning platform, within the WorkNest brand. DeltaNet will continue to retain its autonomous position within this group, and the investment of the collective will further drive the organisation’s growth in specialist eLearning.

Darren Hockley, Managing Director at DeltaNet International, said, “We are very excited to welcome Cylix into the DeltaNet family. Both organisations share a strong commitment to delivering quality eLearning courses and providing first-class customer service. The array of talent and the 150+ years of industry expertise joining the DeltaNet team will enhance our skills to continue furthering our growth and providing courses which matter to our customers.”

Steven Price, Managing Director and Owner at Cylix Limited, commented, “Our customers can continue their exciting journey with us through DeltaNet’s state-of-the-art eLearning Platform, Astute LXP, and a wider collection of courseware, whilst retaining access to our current high-quality content. Since our acquisition by Marlowe earlier this year, it is clear that we share the same vision to strengthen the quality of courses and support to organisations looking for compliance, health and safety, diversity and wellbeing eLearning.”

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