Omnitrack version 2.46.0

Enhanced reporting dashboards

Counter widgets have been enhanced to allow broader reporting, better insights and management data at your fingertips. 

AML reporting dashboard with counter widgets

To create a new counter widget navigate to Reports > Create new report > Select the relevant form > add new aggregate report. Now select Add a new widget > Counter widget. You can now decide which data you want to count using the logic builder. Select ‘Add counter’ to create and save your widget.

Example of a counter widget that will display the number of submissions where Jane Doe is the Fee Earner

Bug fixes

  • CSV exports of the users list now display the form admin role in the ‘Role’ column
  • Fixed an issue where invite only forms were not getting updated with a status change date which stopped reminders from being sent.
  • Fixed the share button on end user forms which was not working in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where number/currency conditions were not working in the reminders and automations logic builder.
  • Removed an extra banner which was blocking the title of the form on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where certain links were not redirecting to the correct page if you had to login before accessing the page.