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People are multi-dimensional in their identities, and may identify with several different marginalised or minority groups at the same time – for example, someone may be both a lesbian and a woman of colour, or a Muslim man may also be from an economically deprived background and have a disability. These overlapping identities can result in multiple and intersecting forms of bias, discrimination and disadvantage.

Intersectionality provides a framework for considering these overlapping identities and experiences in order to understand the complexity of biases and prejudices that people can face and take steps to address any resulting inequality or discrimination. This course demystifies the concept of intersectionality, shows how to put it into practice, and explains why intersectional thinking needs to cut across all workplace activities, not just those dedicated to inclusion.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • how personal characteristics such as our race, social class, sex or religion intersect to produce multiple and overlapping forms of bias and discrimination
  • what we mean by the term ‘privilege’ and why it is intersectional
  • the key benefits for organisations and employers of taking an intersectional approach
  • how to collect and analyse data in a way that supports the application of an intersectional lens
  • how to take an intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion practice.

Course sample

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Once we understand intersectionality and we begin to look at everything in the workplace through an intersectional lens, then we begin to really understand how to bring about equity, diversity and inclusion.

Mabinty EshoEquality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Comic Relief

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