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February is LGBT+ history month, the annual month-long celebration that recognises the history and contributions of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and nonbinary (LGBT+) community.

It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues LGBT+ people face and reflect on the history of LGBT+ rights.

This year’s theme for the month is ‘Behind the Lens’, and the idea is to highlight the contributions of behind-the-scenes workers in the world of film and cinema from the LGBT+ community.

How can organisations participate?

There are many ways for organisations to support and participate in LGBT+ history month, including organising events and workshops, offer training and information, and encouraging employees to bring their whole and authentic selves to work.

Skill Boosters and VinciWorks have published a short but useful workplace awareness guide about LGBT+ history month that gives some background on the month, talks about this year’s theme, and provides a list of actionable ways that organisations and employees can take an active role and participate in LGBT+ history month.

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Download your copy of the Inclusion Awareness Calendar today

LGBT+ month is just one of the many dates included in Skill Boosters’ new Inclusion Awareness Calendar, which lists awareness days and campaigns for organisations and individuals to know about and support and participate in throughout the year.

The calendar is available for free, instant download. It can be hung up in your organisation’s offices to raise awareness of the various days throughout the year, helping to create an even more inclusive culture where all workers feel understood, comfortable and valued. Click the button below to download your copy today.

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Additional Skill Boosters D&I resources available

Skill Boosters offers a huge library of video-based training for inclusion, leadership and teamwork. Their video-based training addresses meaningful workplace challenges in equality, diversity and inclusion, leadership and teamwork and feature analysis and advice from industry experts, case studies based on genuine issues from the workplace, high quality contemporary drama scenarios, and real people sharing their real lived experiences. 

Skill Boosters Access-all Licensing Plans (ALPs)

Skill Boosters offers Access-all Licensing Plans (ALPs), which are the flexible and cost-effective way to access the entire Skill Boosters catalogue of high-quality, video-based training courses and resources. For a great value annual subscription fee, based on the size of your organisation or region, you get 12-months’ on-demand access to all Skill Boosters courses and resources via our online Membersʼ Resource Centre (MRC). Use as many of our short films, courses, videos and trainer packs as you need.

VinciWorks Diversity and Inclusion resources and tools

Diversity and inclusion training

VinciWorks’ suite of diversity and inclusion courses empowers users to recognise diversity issues in the workplace and gives them the tools to transform office culture. 

Diversity and inclusion resource page

Our diversity and inclusion resource page includes dozens of resources, guides, policy templates and assessments to help organisations implement inclusive workplaces that promote equality and do not tolerate racism or harassment. 

Diversity questionaire

Our diversity questionaire, powered by our flexible yet powerful data collection and reporting tool, Omnitrack, helps organistations understand their employees’ attitudes towards diversity in the workplace and allows organisations to measure and improve their staff’s perception of workplace inclusion.