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Allies use their power, voice and privilege to act in solidarity with individuals from marginalised or minority groups to tackle inappropriate behaviour and bring down systems of oppression.

VinciWorks and Skill Boosters recently hosted an interactive webinar where they were joined by business psychologist and diversity expert Binna Kandola OBE, founder of business-psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola, as well as psychologist Ashley Williams and Skill Boosters’ Head of Content Ros Fordyce. They looked at real-life scenarios and explored what makes an effective ally. Using short video scenarios, we polled the audience on how they would best handle a given situation and share insights from leading D&I experts.

This webinar covered:

  • why allyship is important
  • the different minority and marginalised groups to whom we can be allies
  • what it means to be an effective and inclusive ally
  • actions that allies can take to support people from minority or marginalised groups
  • the ‘Open The Front Door’ communication framework and how to use it
  • a brief overview of the new Allyship course by Skill Boosters.

The other thing is watching out to be an ally when there's nobody else around... if you're reading a document, thinking, 'Oh, we could do that differently', or you've got information about a new initiative or something, you can still be an ally by reflecting on the documents in front of you. So, you can do it even when you're on your own.

Professor Binna Kandola OBESenior Partner, Pearn Kandola LLP

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