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At a time where employers increasingly understand the value of individuals bringing their whole selves to work, ensuring that people of all sexual minorities feel comfortable and uninhibited in the workplace is an important part of the success of a team or an organisation, and more importantly can impact the mental well-being of its sexual minority employees. This course will look at how sexual orientation impacts on a person’s experience of the workplace, how to recognise and deal with the different and often nuanced forms of discrimination, the impact they have on an individual’s mental well-being and on their performance, and key strategies to support sexual minorities to create an inclusive and positive working environment where people feel safe to be themselves.

Sexual orientation can be a key aspect of a person’s identity. It can determine not only who someone might be attracted to and be in a relationship with, but also how they see and engage with the world, and how the world engages with them. Although there have been many changes in the law and in society’s attitude towards sexual minorities, such as legalising same-sex marriage, and the recognition of same-sex parents, there are still many barriers and challenges that sexual minorities face. Acts of homophobia and biphobia are common, and indeed being gay, lesbian or bisexual is still illegal in many parts of the world.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • how and why sexual orientation is fundamental to a person’s sense of identity
  • language, and what we mean by the acronym LGBTQ+
  • the challenges and benefits of a person ‘being out’ in the workplace
  • stereotypes, why we use them and the damage they can do
  • policies on sexual orientation inclusion
  • how to spot acts of discrimination and how to deal with them
  • how we measure progress in sexual minority inclusion
  • steps to ensure that sexual minorities feel comfortable to bring their whole selves to work
  • Pride and the customer experience.

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We live in a very heteronormative society. We have this certain expectation that you’ll meet a person of the opposite sex, get married, have children, and whilst we appreciate that that's not everyone's journey, the fact is that the world around us still very much gives that narrative to us.

Tash Koster-Thomas Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultant and speaker

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