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What do I need to check during ongoing monitoring? When do I need to do a CDD review? What do I need to record during ongoing monitoring? Ongoing monitoring is an essential part of an effective anti-money laundering programme and it’s essential to stay on top of compliance requirements to avoid exposure to financial crime and penalties. But keeping on top of the many details of all of the requirements can be challenging. A few months ago we published an in-depth guide to ongoing monitoring, but sometimes it’s helpful to have a short cheat sheet within easy reach to ensure you’re staying in line with the regulations.

VinciWorks new one-page at-a-glance AML ongoing monitoring guide is perfect for keeping on top of the key requirements of the procedures: the concise one-pager features short bullet lists that give a short intro to ongoing monitoring including a definition and how to comply, and answers the questions of what needs to be checked, when to do a CDD review, and what exactly has to be recorded.

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Automating the ongoing monitoring process can be the key to an effective and successful AML programme. Ensure your ongoing monitoring procedures are up to date and fit for purpose with VinciWorks’ flexible and bespoke AML onboarding software.