Following the launch of two of our upgraded Customer Service courses before Christmas, we’re now delighted to introduce four new Performance courses. We’re working flat out to get as much new content in customer service, employee relations, performance management and recruitment to you as possible.

The New Performance Courses

Providing Great Customer Service – The centrepiece of our Customer Service offering, this engagingcourse explores what great customer service is and how to provide it consistently. Learners take on the role of a customer service representative for the charity Activities for All. With guidance from their manager, they work to obtain a great customer service rating and collect all the badges to pass the course.

Who is your Customer? – If you want to attract and retain customers, you need to be sure you can identify them and meet their needs first. In our Who is your Customer? short course, learners meet the fictional company Whey Presto. They have developed a new app and need to make sure they are targeting the right customers. The challenge is to help the company recognise who their customers really are. For each correct choice made, they earn a customer service star.

Having Difficult Conversations –All managers face difficult conversations during their careers. They require careful and skilful handling. This course follows a scenario of a manager having a challenging discussion with an employee about performance levels.

Monitoring Performance Effectively – Monitoring performance is a vital part of performance management. It allows managers to recognise good performances, spot issues early and support their staff to get the best out of them. Our Monitoring Performance Effectively Take 5 course helps managers understand the importance of performance monitoring and how to put this into practice in their own teams. It explores formal and informal monitoring and gives practical ways for managers to monitor their team’s performance in the best ways.

The Upgraded Performance Suite

We’re excited about our new, upgraded Performance suite. Brought completely up-to-date, our Performance online learning equips all users with the skills they need to thrive in the ever-changing working world.

So, what are we doing with our new suite?

  • Redesigning the suite into a larger number of shorter bite sized courses
  • Focusing on transferable skills, such as Active Listening, Effective Questioning and Giving Useful Feedback.
  • Expanding the focus beyond Managers Training into Personal Effectiveness
  • Introducing new content areas such as Wellbeing and Coaching/Mentoring
  • Using gamified and immersive learning treatments to increase learner engagement
  • Applying a modern redesign to the content
  • Making all new modules compatible with the MyAstute App

Look out for more newly redeveloped Performance courses throughout the first quarter of 2021. If you are not currently a customer and would like to know more about our all-new Performance suite, please email [email protected]

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