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Tackling age bias

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Haviva Yanover
New trainer pack

Tackling age bias at work

This is now available to preview and download from our Members’ Resource Centre (MRC). A brief overview as follows:

Having an age-diverse workforce enables organisations to draw on a broad mix of ideas, skills and experience while at the same time gaining key insights into the needs of multi-generational customers and service users. Where younger employees might have a strong grasp of new technologies and web-based business media, for example, older staff can bring experience, maturity and vital interpersonal skills – and cross-generational working and mentoring can bring huge benefits for employer and employee alike. 

Containing original drama, expert insight and a range of discussion points and activities, this trainer pack has been designed to support a half-day training session on tackling age bias and discrimination, and looks at how to build an age-inclusive workplace where everyone is able to realise their potential, regardless of their age.

Neurodiversity Webinar – Wednesday, 13 July 2022.

What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is the term that refers to the naturally occurring variation in the way our brains work. It is commonly associated with a series of conditions or differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia, autism and others.


In this webinar, VinciWorks’ Director of Learning Nick Henderson and Skill Boosters’ Content Designer Maurizio Caldera explored some of the many facets of neurodiversity.


Interviews with neurodivergent individuals on their personal experiences. Short scenario clips and interactive polls on what we can do to support neurodivergent people in each example.

The neurodiversity course is currently going through the final post-production stages, but will be ready to preview and download week ending 24 June. In the meantime, please do take the opportunity to preview and download the Lived Experienced videos which are proving very popular to support training in this area.

Peter ThorpeHead of Business Development

Top 5 short films


Effective online meetings

This short film looks at the pros and cons of virtual meetings and explains how to make our online meetings as productive as possible.


This short film looks at how we can use our voice, power and privilege to be an effective ally in the workplace to people from minority or marginalised groups.

Understanding gender bias

This short film looks at the nature of gender bias and explains how it impacts on both individuals and organisations.

The impact of micro-behaviours

This training examines how small behaviours send powerful messages to those around us.

Understanding and confronting sexual harassment

This short film looks at the impact of sexual harassment and the steps to create a culture that rejects it.

'How to’ Guides are housed within the Documents section of the Members' Resource Centre. I would recommend taking a look at these new guides to ensure you make full use of the training resources available.

Haviva YanoverBusiness and partnership manager

Members’ Resource Centre

'How to' guides

An introduction to the MRC and what it means to be enrolled as a member.

Finding your way around the Members’ Resource Centre. Working with your account details, renewal date, main menu and search bar.

A detailed overview of how to preview and download different types of resource with suggestions and time savers for delivering them within your training programmes.

Within the Document Section/Downloadable Catalogues, we have now made available some learning journeys around Allyship, Inclusive Leadership, Bias and Problem Behaviour. These will help guide you through the training courses and videos we have available to support these topics. Please do share any feedback, as we are looking to create more.

Peter ThorpeHead of Business Development

Inclusive leadership

The signature traits of inclusive leadership and the skills required to become an inclusive manager.


As an ally, we should always be speaking for ourselves rather than speaking for or on behalf of someone else.


We may think that the decisions we’re making about people are fair but our unconscious bias is likely to have an impact without us being aware of it.

Problem behaviour

We may be reluctant to tackle problem behaviour for many different reasons – but avoidance is never the answer.

Recruitment and selection

How we work and the physical nature of the workplace itself are both changing.


An at-a-glance view of the Skill Boosters courses, the relationships between them, and suggested learning journeys.

I'm delighted to announce that Haviva Yanover has joined the Skill Boosters team to work with Marie, Leigh and myself to support our growing number of members. Haviva, like all the team, will pick up emails addressed to [email protected]

Thanks for reading and for your continued custom with Skill Boosters.

Peter ThorpeHead of Business Development

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