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Welcome to the first update for 2023 - it's 11 months to Christmas, so time is flying, and the team have been very busy over the festive period adding more training resources for our members.

Peter ThorpeHead of Business Development

Members update


New couree:

An introduction to intersectionality

New training format:

Video bites

New guides:

Blue Monday/ Religion, belief & bereavement

New resource packs:

Inclusion awareness days

New course: An introduction to intersectionality

People are multi-dimensional in their identities, and may identify with several different marginalised or minority groups at the same time – for example, someone may be both a lesbian and a woman of colour, or a Muslim man may also be from an economically deprived background and have a disability. These overlapping identities can result in multiple and intersecting forms of bias, discrimination and disadvantage.

This is now available to preview and download from the Members’ Resource Centre (MRC). The short film will be ready to download in February and I’ll let you know nearer the time when this is available.

NEW Video Bites: 2-5 minute ‘micro-learning’ modules about some of the key concepts and terminology that we use in our training.

The Mid-Career MOT

Camilla Cavendish explores the concept of the Mid-Career MOT and explains why life after 50 can be the start of a whole new chapter in our working lives.

Managing Millennials

Millennials expert Mark Leruste explains how to get the best out of your Millennial workforce.

What is privilege?

This video explores the intersectional nature of privilege and explains why knowing where ours lies is key to tackling structural inequality.

Religion, belief & bereavement guide

This guide is designed to be used or adapted in any workplace to assist HR departments, managers and colleagues in supporting people who are experiencing grief or bereavement.

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Blue Monday guide

“Blue Monday” refers to the third Monday in January, which has gained a notorious reputation as being an especially difficult day of the year mental-health wise.

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The events to highlight coming up are:

  • February: LGBT+ History Month
  • 3 February: Time to Talk Day
  • 6 February: Race Equality week (UK)
  • 11 February: International Day of Girls and Women in Science
  • 24 February: International Stand Up to Bullying Day.

To help with your planning.

Awareness days and campaigns run throughout the year, and many of our members have found it helpful to use Skill Boosters resources to support learning around these events. To help with your planning, you can download an interactive calendar from the MRC home page, listing relevant dates for each month with links to resource packs. Each resource pack brings together items from around the Members’ Resource Centre which cover a particular topic or event. These packs can also be accessed via the main menu on the MRC, and so far cover the following topics:

Conversations at work
Maternal mental health
Zero discrimination
Bullying and harassment
Gender bias
Race bias
Data protection
Mental health awareness
Disability awareness
Religion and belief
Coaching and mentoring

Health & Safety Suite

Through our sister company DeltaNet, we are in a position to offer preferential rates to members for a suite of 15 courses.
As a member, you can preview these through our MRC (DeltaNet Health & Safety menu tab at the top).
For an indication of licence fees, please email [email protected]

The team are busy working on our brand-new Inclusion Essentials Course which promises to be a 'blockbuster' ready for a March launch, so I'll have more news on that next month. In the meantime, please do reach out to the team ([email protected]) should you need any further assistance.

Haviva YanoverDevelopment and Partnerships Manager

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