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Further to my email update on 20 July 2022 (a reminder below of the information), I'm pleased to advise that when you next access our Members’ Resource Centre (MRC), there will be an additional drop-down menu at the top, ‘VinciWorks Compliance', where you can preview each of the two compliance suites.

Peter ThorpeHead of Business Development

Members update

VinciWorks Compliance:

Compliance Fundamentals & Cyber and Data Awareness

New release:

Supporting new and expectant parents

Upcoming lived experience:

Domestic abuse

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Compliance Suites

In December 2021, Skill Boosters became part of Marlowe Plc, a leader in business-critical services and software. Since then, we have been busy exploring the e-learning offerings within the Marlowe group and are excited to let you know that we have formed a partnership with our sister company VinciWorks who specialise in online compliance training and risk management software.

As a result, from August, we will be able to provide you with access to preview two suites of e-learning courses (Compliance Fundamentals and Cyber and Data Awareness) through our Members’ Resource Centre (MRC). These suites contain 51 carefully selected courses from their range of 200. They are not included within your membership licensing plan fee, but they will be made available for you to preview through the MRC whenever you wish.

From our knowledge, compliance budgets sometimes sit with alternative contacts within an organisation, so we would welcome the opportunity for your colleagues to preview, and provide a quote when your current compliance licence contract is due for renewal. Like the Skill Boosters courses, you will be able to download direct from our MRC if you do license one or both of the suites, giving you access to a broader range of courses all in one place.

If you are interested in the costs for our compliance suites, then please drop us an email, even just to compare with your current supplier. If the compliance topic of interest is not available in the two published suites, then do let us know as we have access to a broader range of topics from our sister company VinciWorks.

Haviva YanoverDevelopment and Partnerships Manager

Suite 1: Compliance fundamentals

Suite of core compliance topics including anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, FCA compliance, modern slavery and tax evasion.

Suite 2: Cyber and data awareness

Suite of training to help reduce the human risk of cyber attack and data breaches. Training on information security, cyber security, GDPR, CCPA, as well as micro-courses on phishing, ransomware and social media.

Compliance guides, templates and policy

Included in all packages, a collection of policies, best-practice guides and other resources to help your organisation comply with the latest regulations.

Other news

Supporting new and expectant parents

The refreshed Maternity and Paternity course will be available to download from Wednesday, 24 August 2022.

Domestic Abuse Lived Experience Videos

these will be available to preview and download from Wednesday, 14 September 2022. I’ll drop you an email on the day and confirm the availability of the full courses (currently scheduled for mid-October launch).

Neurodiversity guide

Given the demand for our Allyship Guide from our MRC, we are just completing a guide on Neurodiversity which will be ready in September. This is likely to coincide with the launch of our Domestic Abuse videos mentioned above.

Our top 5 course downloads this quarter



This course acts as an introduction to neurodiversity with an emphasis on how it can impact people in the workplace.

How to challenge

This course sets out the benefits of being able to challenge, and looks at strategies and techniques for doing so constructively.


This course looks at what it means to be an effective ally, and sets out practical tools and strategies for inclusive allyship.

How to delegate

Effective delegation supports staff development and employee engagement, helps to build a culture of trust, and improves both individual and team performance.

Inclusive leadership

This course looks at the signature traits of inclusive leadership and explains the skills required to become an inclusive manager.

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