Our upgraded Performance suite is continuing to grow. Following the four releases we announced in January, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of six new Performance courses.

There are several more currently in the pipeline, so expect regular updates about the new content coming across employee relations, performance management and recruitment.

The New Performance Courses

Flexible Working – COVID-19 prompted a rethink of working practices in many industries. Flexible working arrangements are now a bigger part of life than ever and are likely to remain so. In our Flexible Working course, managers learn how to implement new working agreements to benefit their teams, themselves and their organisation.

Managing Change – All organisations go through times of change. Navigating these challenging times well requires good management. Our Managing Change course shows managers how to handle change effectively in their organisations.

Managing Grievances – When employees raise a grievance, it is vital for managers to ensure everyone is treated fairly and the processes are followed. Our Managing Grievances eLearning course shows you how to achieve this.

The Performance Management Lifecycle – Successful performance management focuses on three key areas: planning, monitoring and supporting, and reviewing. In our Performance Management Lifecycle course, managers learn the theory of this and how to put it into practice in their own teams.

Managing Disciplinaries – The disciplinary process is never the easiest part of a manager’s job, but with our Managing Disciplinaries course, managers can understand how best to approach the process and what to take into account.

Managing Sickness Absence – When sickness strikes, it’s important for the employee off sick, their manager, their colleagues and the business that it is managed appropriately. Our Managing Sickness Absence helps managers through the relevant processes and considerations.

The Upgraded Performance Suite

We’re excited about our new, upgraded Performance suite. Brought completely up-to-date, our Performance online learning equips all users with the skills they need to thrive in the ever-changing working world.

So, what are we doing with our new suite?

  • Redesigning the suite into a larger number of shorter bite sized courses
  • Focusing on transferable skills, such as Active Listening, Effective Questioning and Giving Useful Feedback
  • Expanding the focus beyond Managers Training into Personal Effectiveness
  • Introducing new content areas such as Wellbeing and Coaching/Mentoring
  • Using gamified and immersive learning treatments to increase learner engagement
  • Applying a modern redesign to the content
  • Making all new modules compatible with the MyAstute App

Look out for more newly redeveloped Performance courses within the coming weeks. If you are not currently a customer and would like to know more about our all-new Performance suite, please email [email protected]

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