DAC6 Country Profile: UK

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, The UK has taken the decision to defer DAC6 reporting by six months

Each EU Member State had until 31 December 2019 to transpose the Directive into local laws and legislation. A letter of formal notice was issued by the EU Commission to 15 EU Member States detailing the infringements of DAC6 application into local law.

We are publishing a series of guides on how each EU member state is implementing DAC6. These guides will cover each country’s decision regarding postponing DAC6 reporting by up to six months. Our next guide focusses on the UK’s implementation of DAC6.

Has the UK implemented DAC6?

Legislation Details

HMRC published the UK DAC6 legislation on 9 January 2020. The legislation is called “The International Tax Enforcement (Disclosable Arrangements) Regulations 2020”. Here is the UK’s guidance on DAC6.

Taxes covered

UK legislation covers cross-border arrangements. The legislation is in line with the EU Directive and does not include domestic arrangements or any additional hallmarks.

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DAC6 resource page

VinciWorks regularly publishes helpful guides, on-demand webinars and articles related to DAC6. These resources are regularly updated as HMRC and other authoritative bodies update their guidance on DAC6 implementation. We will also be adding all of our DAC6 country profiles to the resource page.

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