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Studies have shown that, contrary to popular stereotypes, there are no differences at all in terms of women’s and men’s cognitive abilities. What’s more, the gendered roles that today appear immutable have not always been so – history tells us that prior to the industrial revolution, men and women performed a wide range of mutually interchangeable roles, and that even 100 years ago, jobs that today are seen as typically ‘female’ were done almost exclusively by men. Yet today’s workplace remains hampered by perceptions of gender-specific roles and broadly accepted ‘norms’ of gender behaviour, and organisations and individuals are suffering as a result.

In this ground-breaking new course from Skill Boosters, Professor Binna Kandola and Dr Jo Kandola explain how today’s gender inequality stems not from biology and evolution but from artificial social constructs and show how challenging gender bias can deliver huge benefits for both individuals and organisations.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • the nature of gender bias
  • how gender bias impacts on both men and women in the workplace
  • the negative impact of prescriptive and descriptive stereotypes
  • the business case for tackling gender bias.

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As soon as you say that men and women are different, you are hindering massively your changes of getting gender parity in the workplace.

Dr Jo KandolaChartered Psychologist, The Bias Gym Ltd

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