It’s an ordinary morning at work. The phone rings and you answer. The voice on the other end tells you there’s a bomb in your building. It’s going to go off in an hour. What do you do?

This nightmare scenario has happened at many different types of workplace. Bomb threats can be delivered via phone, email, post, social media, verbally or in writing. In many cases they will be hoaxes, but it’s never safe to make that assumption.

Our Bomb Threat eLearning short course gives all employees the peace of mind of knowing how to handle this distressing scenario. The course makes the situation feel “real” by putting the learner directly into the shoes of an employee receiving a bomb threat. They have to answer the questions correctly to keep everyone safe and pass the course.

It is the third course to be released from our Emergency Response suite, which includes Explosion, Civil Unrest, Active Shooter, Suspicious Items and Medical Emergency.

See our new course HERE.

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