Check out our brand-new Data Protection Collection – the third Compliance Collection we launched this year. An innovative new approach for keeping awareness training programmes fresh, year on year.

Mitigating the Risks of Data Breaches

Last month, British Airways was fined £20M over a data breach that took place in 2018. While Marriott Hotels was fined for £18.4M for a cyberattack and resulting data breach between 2014 and 2018.

Data breaches and the resulting lapses in compliance with regulations can have a devastating impact on businesses – from a severe financial penalty to loss of customer trust and reputation. It is more important than ever to consider compliance with data protection regulations and incorporating a ‘privacy by design’ policy when it comes to processing data for business.

Awareness training is key in educating employees on the importance of data protection, the regulations that they must comply with, the rights of individuals whose data they process and mitigating the risks of data breaches.

New Data Protection Collection

Create a cost-effective bespoke training solution using our off-the-shelf products. Our Data Protection Collection offers a holistic solution covering a range of learning styles – combining detailed study, immersive learning, microlearning and toolbox talks to keep learners engaged. Also included for free are a number of communications resources which can be printed out or displayed in the workplace digitally to reinforce key messaging.

By rolling out effective learning interventions over a number of years and targeted messaging, our Collection can help boost learner engagement, promote knowledge retention and embed a culture of compliance.

Collections are designed to offer a highly flexible, easily scalable, and agile alternative to traditional online learning.

What’s New?

Detailed Study

We updated our detailed study courses to ensure that best practices on data protection are relevant for all organisations. The updated courses introduce and raise awareness on the importance of data protection regulations, including the difference between types of data, individual rights under data protection regulation and the eight principles of data protection.

Immersive Learning

We updated our immersive learning course on Preventing a Data Breach. The new course is scenario-based and highly gamified – placing the learner at the heart of the experience and testing them on their ability to make the right decisions on data protection. Raise awareness on the consequences of data breaches and the best practice to follow when handling personal data.

Diagnostic Assessment

Introducing a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that creates learning paths based on each learners’ knowledge and awareness levels. Learning paths for each topic are then designed in direct response to the needs and knowledge-gaps identified for each employee or team.

The new Diagnostic Assessment is a short quiz to measure the learner’s understanding of data protection and automatically create enrolments onto relevant core Take 5 courses. The assessment is useful for assessing individual training needs, offering valuable insight into common training gaps with targeted interventions tailored for each employee.

The Diagnostic Assessment is exclusively available for xAPI courses, utilising the auto-enrol functionality powered by our Astute LXP’s AI engine.


In addition to updating all of our existing microlearning courses, following are the new additions to the Collection:

Toolbox Talks

Two new Toolbox Talks designed as blended training courses for small groups or teams. Each Toolbox Talk includes downloadable facilitation notes.

Get a sneak peek at all the new courses on our Data Protection topic page or request a FREE demo. For more information on the new collection, download the Compliance Collections brochure for Data Protection.

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