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*This course contains references to suicide, domestic violence and abuse.

Domestic violence and abuse can take many different forms and is not always easy to spot, but its impact on victim-survivors and those close to them can be devastating and life-changing. Domestic abuse is not just a personal matter for people to deal with in private, but a key concern for all employers, and being able to spot where it may be occurring, handle disclosure sensitively and effectively, and take appropriate action to protect and support staff is a crucial aspect of an employer’s duty of care.

Drawing on powerful first-hand victim-survivor experiences, this course looks at the different forms that domestic abuse can take, its prevalence and its impact, and sets out how to spot possible signs of abuse and what organisations can do to ensure they are providing appropriate help and support for employees.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • the different types of domestic abuse
  • the prevalence and impact of domestic abuse
  • common myths and misconceptions around domestic abuse and the stigma that exists around it
  • why those experiencing abuse may be unwilling to disclose it or seek help
  • why certain minority and marginalised groups can face additional barriers to disclosing abuse or accessing support
  • how to recognise when domestic abuse may be occurring
  • how to have workplace conversations about domestic abuse
  • how to take effective action if someone discloses abuse
  • how to create a workplace domestic violence and abuse policy.

Course sample

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Domestic abuse is an issue that's hidden in plain sight - it's not something that people talk about quite readily. There's a huge element of shame and stigma attached to it.

Henu CumminsFormer CEO, Domestic Abuse Volunteer Support Services (DAVSS)

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