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The menopause can cause a wide range of debilitating symptoms that affect work and relationships, and the low hormone levels resulting from the menopause can also lead to long-term medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes and dementia. With women over 50 being one of the fastest-growing groups in the workforce, organisations are increasingly likely to have employees who are affected by the menopause, and being able to have conversations around treatment, support and adjustments is crucial for ensuring their well-being, engagement and productivity. This course looks at the common symptoms and long-term effects of the menopause and sets out key steps for organisations to take in raising awareness and supporting staff.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • the different stages and symptoms of the menopause
  • how symptoms can impact on work and relationships
  • long-term postmenopause health risks
  • treatments and lifestyle changes that can help to alleviate menopause and perimenopause symptoms
  • reasonable adjustments in the workplace to support people going through the menopause and perimenopause.

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The menopause is a natural process that occurs because our hormones run out, our eggs stop being produced or the ovaries are removed. It's a process that causes symptoms, but it also causes long-term health problems.

Dr Louise NewsonGP and Menopause Specialist, Newson Health Ltd

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