VinciWorks Data Protection Course Coming December 2016

Knowing how to protect your data and use it correctly has never been more important for businesses. Regulators are racking up fines in the millions. One big breach or one misplaced laptop can have an even bigger impact on reputation than ever before.

VinciWorks is launching a brand new data protection course, combining the latest in policy and law with best practice guidelines. We provide real-world scenarios and a customisable tool to design your own policy.

The course will be available in December 2016.

Interactive Data Protection Game

An interactive game will guide participants through the complex web of decisions that every 2016-12-05_11-39-34business has to make when it comes to implementing data protection, providing a deeper understanding of the core issues. A self-assessment tool tailors the course to fit the learning needs of each employee in any role within the organisation.

Modular learning

The course covers core modules, including how to handle and protect personal and sensitive data, the principles of data protection and understanding privacy and consent. The course then takes users through additional modules based on their role in the organisation. Some of the additional modules include:

HR – data protection and recruitment, references, worker health information, and criminal record checks.

Marketing – marketing by text, email, phone and post while staying within the law, plus an interactive checklist to assess compliance;

Consent – understand customer consent and avoid eye-watering fines;

Social media – the danger zones in social media and data protection, including how to implement a good social media policy;

Data Protection Act 1998 – what it covers, how to understand it and the organisation’s rights and responsibilities under the Act;

Data Protection Officers – who will need to appoint a DPO (this would be most companies) and what will they be required to do?

Preparing for GDPR – new EU regulations are about to turn the data protection world upside down. Make sure your company is ready.

Customised Courses to Suit Your Needs

We are constantly adding new modules to match a growing demand. This includes country-specific courses for organisations that operate internationally and sector-specific courses designed for your industry.

Some companies think that data protection is the concern of the company’s IT department. You may feel that if a cyber security system is in place, there will be no threat to your organisation’s data protection. This is not the case. Some of the biggest fines for data breaches have come 2016-12-05_11-46-35from leaving documents behind and sending text messages to the wrong people. New EU regulations which come into force in less than two years have hiked potential fines to 4% of annual global turnover.

In an age of bigger data and even bigger privacy concerns, it’s never been more important to ensure all staff members have the latest training and understanding on data protection.

The course will be available as part of the corporate suite of compliance courses. Register below to receive the latest news on the VinciWorks data protection course.