2020 was a challenging year. We’ve all had to adapt quickly to the changes to “work as usual” that were thrust on us as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, thanks to our dedicated team and clients, we have continued to innovate and exceed our targets with new courses, product updates, webinars and free guides.

Here are some of the highlights from 2020.

750,000 courses delivered

With staff working from home all around the globe, e-learning has supplanted nearly all classroom training. The VinciWorks team worked overtime to ensure that over three-quarters of a million e-learning courses were delivered to learners in over 70 countries.

Top courses for 2020

Chart showing most popular compliance courses of 2020

The average learner took 3.5 courses in 2020 in 5 sittings.

11,000 downloads of free guides, templates and resources

From GDPR policies to DAC6 guides, our subscribers continue to benefit from hundreds of free compliance resources. We have also published several guides and articles relating to COVID-19.

Top resources



You can download these and hundreds of other resources at our compliance resource page.

152 published blogs and articles

Our content team has worked tirelessly to publish regular articles offering guidance on the most relevant compliance topics. Our most-read topics of 2020 are GDPR, DAC6 and COVID-19.

45 new Omnitrack clients

Many global law firms, multinationals, investment houses and accounting firms have chosen Omnitrack as their preferred tool for managing compliance. Primarily driven by DAC6, over 285 tax and compliance professionals joined us over Zoom and in-person to help develop the compliance tools of tomorrow.

29 new courses

2020 has brought some significant innovation to our e-learning design. We set out on a mission to change the impact that online training could make. By creating training that is tailored to your specific industry and adapts to the job role of each learner, our training does more than simply tick the box.

We completely overhauled our flagship AML courses with a beautiful new design and 10 new industries. Our cyber awareness training features an innovative “course builder” that allows administrators to choose exactly which aspects of cyber security compliance are covered in the course without having to review the entire text of the course and manually edit each word.

Top 2020 courses

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15 webinars with subject matter experts

Our free webinars have helped hundreds of organisations increase their understanding of compliance topics such as DAC6 reporting, health and safety, GDPR, mental health and more. During these webinars, we have invited subject matter experts and policy makers to answer attendees’ questions and prepare them for both existing and upcoming regulations.

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Courses translated into 13 languages

Many UK and EU regulatory laws, including DAC6, the Money Laundering Regulations 2017, the Bribery Act and GDPR, have extraterritorial reach. It is therefore critical to an international business’ global compliance plan that all staff are made aware of the laws, wherever they are and whatever language they speak. VinciWorks’ courses can be translated into any language for use all around the world. Each course will automatically be displayed in the user’s default language and each learner can change the language of the course at the click of a button.

Click here to view the GDPR course in multiple languages

12 new knowledge checks

Our knowledge check library enables you to verify understanding with a 5-minute quiz. They include specialised versions for different industries and job roles.

10 new use cases for Omnitrack

Omnitrack is a centralised compliance reporting and tracking tool. It allows anyone to identify a risk, complete staff surveys or carry out reporting requirements. Our development and research teams have worked fast to react to our clients’ growing compliance reporting needs. In 2020 alone we have added templates for 10 new use cases, including modern slavery reporting, the Posted Workers Directive, the Mandatory Disclosure Regime (MDR) and more.

Omnitrack template use case catalogue

1 DAC6 solution

For many compliance professionals, this year was defined by DAC6,  a European Directive that poses one of most significant compliance challenges since the 2002 Money Laundering Directive. We supported our clients with webinars, guides, core groups and a DAC6 reporting tool.

Our clients have analysed over 500,000 matters for DAC6, reported tens of transactions automatically to the German tax authority and have reporting prepared in 12 jurisdictions.

The Directive comes into force in January 2021. If you don’t have a solution in place yet, talk to us now.