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Micro-behaviours are the tiny things that we say and do that tell those around us about what we’re feeling or thinking. We’re often not even aware of them happening, but they can have a huge impact on working relationships and team dynamics and are often a key indicator of unconscious bias.

Combining original drama with expert insight and analysis from leading business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola, this briefing looks at how micro-behaviours can affect things like communication, motivation and performance and how we can make them work to our advantage.

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • what we mean by micro-behaviours and micro-messages and their impact in the workplace
  • the damage caused by negative micro-behaviours (‘micro-inequities’)
  • the relationship between micro-behaviours and unconscious bias
  • the importance of being aware of and regulating our own behaviour
  • how using positive micro-behaviours can support diversity and inclusion.



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With old-fashioned racism it's the things that we do. With modern racism it's often the things that we do not do. So we do not offer support. We do not invite somebody to come into a group. We don't encourage somebody to speak up.

Prof. Binna Kandola OBESenior Partner, Pearn Kandola LLP

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