Effective performance management is the bedrock of good relations between managers and employees. Your organisation needs eLearning that can keep pace with the skills demanded from managers and workers alike.

That is why we’re launching our all-new, upgraded Performance eLearning suite. The new courses are already in production and will release between late 2020 and the middle of 2021.

Covering all the topics covered by the old Performance Management offering and more besides, the suite will mainly focus on skills-based short courses exploring each of the key areas of effective performance management. Brought completely up-to-date, our Performance online learning equips all users with the skills they need to thrive in the ever-changing working world.

Customer Service Skills

Treating your customers in the right way must be a top priority for any business. It can make or break an organisation’s reputation and directly affect the bottom line in a big way – customers will want to return again and again to a company that has gone above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

The Customer Service section of the new Performance suite includes courses on providing great customer service and its importance, identifying your customer and the 3 Cs of customer service.

Effective Communication Skills

Great client interaction. Smooth and productive internal relations with colleagues. Getting stakeholders onboard with your ideas. All of these vital aspects of working life share one skillset in common: communication.

In fact, communication skills run throughout everything we do, even if we are working on solo projects a lot of the time. They affect all job roles in all organisations. That’s why it’s vital your employees are properly trained. Communication is like any other skillset: it can be honed and improved with the right training.

The Effective Communication courses in the new Performance suite will cover key skills like active listening, effective writing, effective questioning and having difficult conversations at work.

Employee Relations

Companies that invest in the working relationships between managers and their staff reap the rewards in terms of a healthier culture, the ability to meet customers’ needs more effectively and happier staff, leading to lower turnover costs.

Better cooperation between employees and managers is particularly important when going through periods of change. In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when many organisations were forced to adopt a work from home model at speed, companies that had strong bonds internally were able to adapt better to the new normal.

Our Employee Relations courses explore managing change, grievances and flexible working.

Performance Management

The entire suite covers the key skills for performance management. There are also courses aimed at increasing managers’ competence and confidence with appraisals, objective setting, disciplinary matters, monitoring and improving performance, flexible working and work/life balance.

Our new Performance suite can help sharpen all the skills a manager needs to be at their most effective, whether they’re a new manager or experienced in senior roles.

Recruitment and Selection

Making the right hire at the right time can make a huge difference to the success of a business.

It isn’t always easy to conduct interviews that really get to the heart of a candidate’s experience, talents and aptitude for the role. Our Recruitment and Selection courses equip managers with knowledge in conducting interviews and recruiting the right person to ensure your organisation can power its future success.

We’ll keep you posted on all new course releases – watch this space! If you have any questions about the newly refreshed Performance Management suite, please contact your Client Relationship Manager or [email protected].

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