We are your strategic partner for your Health and Safety training and our library of courses is always growing and evolving to meet your needs.

We have two new developments in Health and Safety: the release of our new Active Shooter course, one of the Emergency Response group, and the update of our Environmental Awareness offering. Environmental Awareness is now available in two versions: UK and global.

Active Shooter eLearning Short Course

Sadly, many workplaces and educational establishments have fallen victim to active shooter attacks. Training can help provide peace of mind for employees so that they become more confident in their ability to face such an event if it happens.

Our Active Shooter eLearning short course shows learners what to do in these tragic and stressful situations to minimise casualties and keep themselves safe. Learners answer a series of multiple-choice questions about their immediate response to handle the situation safely and pass the course.

The Active Shooter course is one of our Emergency Response courses, along with Civil UnrestExplosionBomb ThreatSuspicious Items and Medical Emergency.

See our new Active Shooter course HERE.

Environmental Awareness Global Update

Our Environmental Awareness course has helped many businesses understand and improve their environmental impact on the world. Focusing on international best practice to ensure legal compliance and practical techniques to reduce carbon footprint, the course now has a global version.

The UK-focused version is still available.

See our new international Environmental Awareness course HERE.

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