Sample video: Introduction to race bias

Following my communication of 5th October, a couple of items below that I promised to share about our racial bias webinar and our new platform.

Peter ThorpeHead of Business Development

Members update

Upcoming webinar:

Racial bias

New platform:


Upcoming webinar – Racial bias at work: The employees’ perspective 16th November 2022, 1pm

Modern racism is subtle, it’s indirect and it’s far more difficult for others who aren’t on the receiving end of it to detect.

Please register for the racial bias webinar. These events typically last 45-60 minutes and will be recorded if you have to leave at any point. Please do share the link with appropriate colleagues.

I'll be in touch again later next month when we launch our Intersectionality lived experience videos.

Haviva YanoverDevelopment and Partnerships Manager

New platform:

The Skill Boosters membership community has been telling us that they’d love to have a learner-facing facility like our Members’ Resource Centre (MRC). We were listening! You can think of as our Learners’ Resource Centre. Much of the content mirrors that on the MRC except for the resources specifically designed for use by HR and training professionals.
In this respect, I’m pleased to share additional information on this new platform. MySkillBoosters is our new online platform designed for self-managed learning. Available as a bolt-on service to your Access-all Licensing Plan (ALP) subscription.
MySkillBoosters is a website where your people can self-register to access all Skill Boosters courses, micro-courses, short films, lived experience videos and learner notes – at a time, place and pace to suit them.

  • is perfect for your learners who wish to broaden their knowledge and skills in the areas of Inclusion, Well-being, and Leadership at their own pace.
  • It allows learners to discover important but non-mandatory topics that they may not otherwise access.
  • It benefits your learners who may wish to explore sensitive topics that they might not otherwise request access to.

  • Access 24/7, whether in the office, at home or off-site.
  • It is an excellent solution for when remote staff are unable to access internal Learning Management Systems.
  • Learners get the YouTube experience in that they can search for films on a topic of interest and create a ‘watch later’ playlist.

  • It can reduce Learning Management System costs.
  • Your focus/network groups can locate items covering Disability, Race, LGBTQ+, etc.
  • Learners can follow your organisation’s ‘awareness events calendar’ by searching for relevant topics on the day.

Online courses

Ranging from 15 minutes to an hour in length you will always find a course to suit your schedule.

Short films

A 10 to 15 minute overview of a topic. With over 50 to choose from they are perfect for Learn-At-Lunch, induction or at the point-of-need.

Lived experience

Engage with real-life stories from people speaking personally about topics which have affected their working life.

Learner notes

Download and keep learner notes on all of our course topics.

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