Sample video from online course: ‘Understanding gender bias’

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This year's theme for International Women's Day is #EmbraceEquity. The
theme aims to get the world talking about why 'equal opportunities are
no longer enough'. Ironically, equality can actually be exclusionary as it
assumes everyone has the same needs and starting point, which is often not the case. Equity, on the other hand, recognises that people have
different needs and takes these differences into account by providing tailored support and resources.


“If a woman goes to the doctor and presents with chest pains, she's more likely to be diagnosed as having anxiety, whereas if a man goes to the doctor and presents with chest pains, he's more likely to get an initial diagnosis of some sort of heart condition going on and therefore will go and get referred on to getting the necessary treatment.”

Dr Jo Kandola, Chartered PsychologistThe Bias Gym Ltd

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