We are providing access to nine of our leading stress and mental health wellbeing courses free for International Stress Awareness Week, taking place from 7th to 11th November.

In support of the week, led by The International Stress Management Association charity (ISMAUK), DeltaNet is helping workplaces increase the level of training offered to employees and management.

The courses which will be opened up free of charge to businesses for one week are:

  • Managers Toolbox Talk – Identifying stress in your team
  • Managing stress in your team
  • Managing stress in your team challenge
  • Recognising anxiety and depression
  • Managing your personal stress
  • Managing personal stress challenge
  • Take 5 – Identifying stress in your team
  • Supporting your colleagues’ mental health
  • Spotting mental health red flags

Data from DeltaNet International shows that investment in stress management eLearning is increasing. It has seen a 44% increase from 2020 to 2021 for its stress management course for individual employees and a 150% increase in registrations for its course for managers – ‘Managing stress in your team’ – during the same period.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) also recently released a new set of evidence-based guidelines to protect and promote mental health in the workplace. Launched globally on 28th September, two of its 12 guidelines are to train employees and managers to build their capacity to prevent stressful work environments and respond to workers in distress. Since then, DeltaNet has seen a 71% increase in its ‘managing your personal stress’ course for workers, indicating that both businesses and individuals are taking the advice on board.

Chris Chappell, Head of Content at DeltaNet International, said: “We want to encourage businesses to expand on the level of training they provide for stress and mental health issues in the workplace. However, businesses should treat it the same way they implement the ‘traditional’ mandatory health and safety training we incorporate as the norm.

“Each course only takes five to 20 minutes on average to complete. We recognise that finding time for staff training is difficult, so we make our courses easy to access and efficient, yet highly valuable, so teams can get the most out of them without impacting business outputs and its other priorities.”

The WHO’s report to support its new guidelines found that poor working environments, including; discrimination and inequality, excessive workloads, low job control and job insecurity, pose a risk to mental health. It also warned that risks to mental health, or psychosocial risks, can be through job content, work schedules or workplace characteristics.

Chris Chappell added: “There are so many factors to consider when ensuring the workplace is conducive to good mental health. First, we must educate workers and managers on what these are from; unsocial or inflexible hours to organisational culture, unclear job roles, job insecurity and conflicting demands. All of these and more have a significant impact upon a person’s mental wellbeing.”

To receive free 7-day access to the courses, sign up here before midnight on 11th November 2022.

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