VinciWorks releases new conflicts of interest course

The online conflicts of interest course includes interactive scenarios to test users’ ability to identify a potential conflict of interest

We have now released a new conflicts of interest compliance course. Conflicts of Interest in the Workplace: Understand Your Influences provides learners with a 15-minute overview of conflicts of interest in the workplace. The interactive course explains what a conflict of interest is and covers different situations where an employee might encounter a conflict of interest.

The course provides guidance and tips for employees in different roles on how to spot conflicts of interest in their day-to-day job. To help deliver the right course to each employee, the course includes a “course builder”, with each version of the course including relevant scenarios for directors, human resources and procurement staff. There is also advice for employees about when situations should be brought to the risk or compliance team in an organisation.

Demo the course

What’s in the course?

The course covers the following topics:

  • Definition of conflict of interest
  • Why do conflicts of interest matter
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Financial conflicts of interest
  • Non-financial and personal conflicts of interest
  • Gifts and hospitality
  • Managing and reporting conflicts of interest

Who’s the course for?

Conflicts of Interest in the Workplace: Understand Your Influences is for all staff. The course begins with a “course builder” that instantly creates specialised courses with scenarios that are best connected to different roles within an organisation. These roles include:

  • Company directors
  • Human resources staff
  • Procurement teams

Can the course be customised?

As with all our compliance courses, our conflicts of interest course is fully customisable. Here are some of the customisations organisations may choose to apply to the course:

  • Links to internal procedures and policies
  • Integrate with our Omnitrack reporting tool
  • Add details of reporting person (compliance manager, risk manager, etc.)
  • Translate the course into any language
  • Edit text within a module or build your own custom module