Corporate social responsibility policy template

Symbol of corporate social responsibilityWhat is your organisation doing to embrace social responsibility? Social responsibility initiatives are not only good for the community, they build brand equity and reputation, and enhance client satisfaction. VinciWorks has created a free corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy template that can be used to clearly communicate CSR initiatives to clients and align employee behaviour.

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What should be included in a CSR policy?

Here is some guidance on what to include in your corporate social responsibility policy:


Begin the policy by acknowledging that the way your business is run affects society. While organisations have a responsibility towards their staff, clients and contractors, they must also consider the wider community in which they operate. The introduction should also state your organisation’s commitments to CSR.


How will you be communicating your organisation’s CSR strategy and how will you raise awareness of any negative impact of your business and the methods to reduce them.

Your organisation’s CSR principles

This section of the policy should state your business’ CSR principles. This section should include:

    • The high standard of conduct expected of all staff


    • The importance of maintaining a work environment whereby all staff feel equal and feel full job satisfaction


    • The organisation’s commitment to the community. This can include encouraging staff to volunteer for a local charity, allowing them to take time off to do so.


    • A commitment to being fair and lawful towards suppliers


  • A commitment to minimising the negative impact of the organisation on the environment and how you aim to do that


The policy should include the details of who is responsible for the annual reviewing the policy, ensuring all staff are aware of its contents and verify it is effective operation across the organisation.

VinciWorks’ policy templates

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