After a successful 2017 that saw over 170,000 course completions, we are excited to present our tentative plan for our new course releases and updates planned for 2018. Every year, Vinciworks plans its course schedule based on a combination of client feedback and prevalent compliance issues.

Updated cyber security training suite with two new courses

After several high profile cyber attacks exposed millions of systems in 2017, VinciWorks is set to release two mini courses to help staff protect themselves and their organisation from the latest threats. Each course can be completed in just five minutes. The two new courses are:


Ransomware attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated and ferocious. Clicking the wrong link can let attackers hold your entire business hostage. Last year, such an attack, in this case WannaCry, affected over 230,000 organisations worldwide and compelled the NHS to cancel appointments and operations. This short course will help to protect you and your business from being held as the next digital hostage.

Phishing 2.0

Phishing emails continue to be the no. 1 weapon used by cyber attackers to gain senstive data such as user names, passwords and banking information. Following the release of Phishing Challenge last year, Phishing Challenge 2.0 presents a new catalogue of emails, with users having to identify the red flags in each email.

Anti-Bribery refresher course

We will soon be releasing our new course, Anti-Bribery: Know Your Deal. The course drops users into immersive scenarios to test their knowledge, understanding and ability to uncover risks of bribery in their working life. You can preview the course for free here. The course will make part of an anti-bribery compliance package that will also be available.

GDPR mini course

With GDPR just months from coming into full force, we are set to release a new mini course on the topic. The 15 minute course guides users through the changes being applied as a result of GDPR. The course will complement our existing course, Data Protection: Privacy at Work.

Updates to equality & diversity course

2017 ended with an alarming number of high-profile allegations of sexual harassment. This included the downfall of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, Netflix cutting ties with Kevin Spacey and a scandal at Westminster. The subsequent #MeToo campaign and a shocking BBC survey highlighted further that the issue of sexual harassment is not limited to the heights of Hollywood and politics.

Additionally, a recent government report revealed the gender pay gap at more than 500 large organisations. The results showed that 80% of organisations pay men more per hour than woman, with male staff at airline EasyJet getting paid on average 53% more than woman. Under the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations 2017, which came into force in April 2017, organisations with over 250 employees will be required to publish their gender pay gap data annually.

We will be updating our equality and diversity course, with a focus on gender pay gaps and harassment.

Updates to sanctions course

The government has recently revealed plans for a Sanctions Bill that would ensure the UK has the necessary legal powers to implement sanctions post-Brexit. The Bill would also allow the UK greater flexibility in deciding when and how to introduce new measures.

Updates to AML Advanced and AML Fundamentals courses

We will be updating our Advanced and Fundamentals AML courses to include fresh examples and content, and a more up-to-date design.

Gamification and compliance packages

Gamified training, such as our anti-money laundering course, has allowed users to put themselves in the driver’s seat when completing a course, with instant feedback and experience points counting towards the user’s completion score.

During 2018, we will be focussing on providing complete compliance packages, allowing managers to ensure their whole organisation is aware of their policies and procedures.