VinciWorks by the numbers: 2017 – a year in review

2017 was an exciting year at VinciWorks. Our technology team broke new ground integrating next-generation web technologies into our e-learning products, making them more customisable and more mobile friendly than ever. Our content team produced an ever greater number of courses, guides, policies and compliance updates, shedding new light and delving ever deeper into the most complex compliance topics of the day. Our risk management and product teams continued to enhance our suite of risk and compliance products, innovating and improving them with new features and applications, with many more to come in 2018.

Here are some highlights from the past year at VinciWorks.

170,000 course completions

Course completions on the VinciWorks LMS have increased by over 20,000 this year. Many organisations are choosing to use the VinciWorks LMS in addition to their in-house LMS due to its robust automation and improved  reporting and compliance features.

1038 individually tailored courses

In 2017 VinciWorks reimagined the meaning of ‘course’. We focused on developing new learning products individually tailored and specifically customised to the needs of each learner. We embedded ‘gamification’ elements and personalised features to create higher levels of engagement and attainment. Some of our course highlights from this year include:

  • AML Know Your Risk – am immersive, gamified approach to money laundering training with multiple versions designed for:
    • Corporate and commercial law firms
    • High street law firms
    • Offshore law firms
    • Accountants
    • Estate agents
    • Financial services
    • Non-regulated businesses
  • Data Protection: Privacy at Work – a fully GDPR ready course designed with a personalised ‘course builder’ that tailors the course to every role including:
    • Marketing
    • IT
    • Healthcare
    • Organisations with servers outside the EU
  • Tax evasion: Failure to Prevent – delving into the requirements of the Criminal Finances Act which requires all organisations to train employees on how to prevent tax evasion. There are multiple versions including:
    • 45-minute in depth course for professional services
    • 15-minute refresher for professional services
    • 45-minute in depth course for corporates
    • 15-minute refresher for corporates
  • Modern Slavery Training Suite – Since VinciWorks released its first course on modern slavery a year ago, tens of thousands of employees and suppliers have used the course as part of their internal compliance programs. Among the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, many companies felt they needed a more comprehensive course for procurement teams and a shorter course for general staff. In response to that feedback, we expanded our suite of modern slavery courses to offer a complete modern slavery solution for every organisation:
    • Raise your Awareness
      • Target audience – General staff in low risk industries
      • Duration – 10 minutes
      • Course outcomes – Basic overview and learn to spot common signs of modern slavery
    • Preventing Exploitation
      • Target audience – General staff in high risk industries
      • Duration – 20 minutes
      • Course outcomes – Comprehensive overview of the issues, red flags and each individual’s responsibility
    • Practical Steps for Procurement
      • Target audience – Procurement and HR professionals
      • Duration – 45 minutes
      • Course outcomes – in-depth training on ensuring supplier compliance, with downloadable questionnaires, checklists and a bank of additional resources

5 micro courses

Time is often the most valuable commodity in the workplace. Hour-long or even 30-minute courses can be too much for busy professionals to fit into their ever increasing workload. VinciWorks’ new micro courses are succinct, mobile-friendly exercises that can be completed in the same amount of time it takes to make a cup of tea.

  • Phishing Challenge – This five minute, mobile-friendly challenge:
    • Educates users on how to spot suspicious emails
    • Produces a report with each employee’s phishing risk score
    • Enables you to identify high-risk employees
  • Money Laundering Regulations 2017 – Free five minute course with an overview of the key changes under the Fourth Money Laundering Directive
  • Six new apps added to cyber security training course
  • Six principles of GDPR – Under the six principles of GDPR there is a new accountability principle. Simply complying with data protection law is no longer enough. Under GDPR you must demonstrate how you are complying. This means implementing a more demonstrable process and maintaining a proactive approach. This short interactive tool from our data protection training teaches those new six principles of GDPR.

Courses translated into 9 languages

Many UK regulatory laws, including the Criminal Finances Act 2017, the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and the Bribery Act 2010, have an extraterritorial reach. It is therefore critical to an international business’ global compliance plan that all staff are made aware of the laws, wherever they are and whatever language they speak.

VinciWorks’ customisable courses can be translated into any language for use all around the world. The course will automatically be displayed in each user’s default language and each learner can change the language of the course at the click of a button.

Learn more about course translations

173 updates to the learning management system

VinciWorks has a fully integrated approach to e-learning by controlling the entire learning development lifecycle. We create the content and develop the learning management system for assigning, administering and tracking that content, as well as course completions and user experience.

This integration enables us to drive innovation in e-learning towards gamification and micro-learning, key features of the e-learning industry. It also allows us to build the features that our clients most want into the learning management system. We add new features almost weekly and can accommodate many custom requests on almost every element of the system.

Here are some highlights of the LMS enhancements in 2017:

105 new clients

With legislation such as the Criminal Finances Act, the Modern Slavery Act, GDPR and others, the need for compliance training is on the rise. Companies in many new sectors and countries are now turning to VinciWorks for compliance training that is designed in consultation and collaboration with leading law firms.

1 new website for VinciRisk

As the profile of Enterprise Risk Management increased, we felt that the VinciWorks risk management solutions needed their own home. The VinciRisk website features information on the Risk Management System, risk management consulting and our brand new register tool – Omnitrack.