Email templates are one of the most popular features in the VinciWorks learning management system. Templates enable you to customise the text and look of every email from the system down to the last detail. Many organisations recreate the exact look-and-feel of internal emails down to the graphics in a signature. Templates can include dynamic fields that are personalised to every user, such as first name, department, date of last cyber security training or any other field in the system.

All templates can “spoof” sender information, so that the emails appear to come from a colleague or manager. Carbon copied addresses can also be added.

New feature: attach a template to an activity

Speaking to our clients we found that many learning activities require communication of unique information that is only pertinent to that activity. This can include prerequisite readings or special instructions about the location. The email can also appear to come from a specific person, such as the instructor or line manager.

Generic templates can’t always convey all of the finer details that should be communicated with each individual activity, classroom location, webinar or course.

To use this feature, set up a new template in the emails tab and then assign it to the activity on the “Edit Activity” page.

Different templates can be assigned to invitation and enrollment emails. These templates are triggered both for administrator enrollment and self-enrollment. This means that users can self-enrol and still receive a personalised email with appropriate wording from the responsible staff member. This feature also means these personalised emails are set in advanced and completely automated.