The threats to your personal and professional cyber security are ever-growing, with the needs of each organisation and employee varying. VinciWorks has therefore added a further six apps to it’s bank of available customisations.

Acceptable use cyber security appAcceptable Use

What constitutes acceptable use of company resources? Review the do’s and don’ts of the fair and proper use of business equipment and protect it from unauthorised access.

Information Classification cyber security appInformation Classification

Top tips and need-to-know’s on keeping company information in the right hands and away from the wrong eyes.

Information Asset Register cyber security appInformation Asset Registers

Review the ways businesses keep a record of all the pieces of information they have safe, secure and up to date.

Public Browsing cyber security appPublic Browsing

Stay aware of the everyday cyber security dangers that can be faced every time you step outside with your phone or laptop.

Personal Cyber AwarenessPersonal Awareness cyber security app
How cyber aware are you? Review best practice in staying safe wherever you are and across all your devices and accounts.

Cyber Security and It CustomisationCyber Security and IT

A module for IT professionals covering steps to take during a cyber attack and the latest on security methods to keep your organisation safe.

VinciWorks’ fully customisable cyber security course

Our e-learning course, Cyber Security: Practical Applications, is designed as a 20 minute journey through a series of interactive apps. Each app tackles a different topic and provides actionable advice for improving cyber security. The course is fully customisable, with now 11 additional apps to choose from to add to the course.

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