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Online GDPR training for your whole organisation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in force. GDPR’s reach is global. Any company that offers goods or services to anyone in the EU will be required to comply. To help organisations prepare all their staff for GDPR, VinciWorks has updated its GDPR training suite, adding a new micro course and knowledge check, and updating its course, GDPR: Privacy at Work. We have also created a GDPR resources page, full of useful resources that can be purchased together with the training suite. Further, VinciWorks has added training catered to businesses with US-based staff.

GDPR: Privacy at Work

VinciWorks has now expanded and updated it's online GDPR training course, GDPR: Privacy at Work (formerly Data Protection: Privacy at Work), to provide an in-depth training approach to GDPR.

The course includes new modules, refreshed scenarios, up-to-date guidance on GDPR and the latest GDPR developments. It provides real-world scenarios, interactive features and review questions to test understanding of key points. By completing this course users will learn how to comply with GDPR, wherever they are in the world, including the US, the UK and Europe.

GDPR: The Basics

This 15 minute course gives users a general overview of the changes being applied as a result of GDPR. The interactive course contains short quizzes to help users assess their knowledge of their responsibilities under GDPR.

The course covers

GDPR: An American Perspective

GDPR: An American Perspective allows businesses to train their staff based in the US on GDPR from the perspective of an American.

The course covers

  • Key aspects of GDPR regulation relevant to Americans
  • Guidelines on obtaining consent for processing data
  • International laws regarding data transfers
  • Useful GDPR compliance resources for US companies
GDPR for Americans course screenshot
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GDPR Knowledge Check

Our five minute knowledge check will help your staff assess their level of understanding of GDPR and undertake the next steps.

Test your knowledge of personal data, subject access requests and how to keep personal data safe and secure.

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For marketing professionals, VinciWorks has created a knowledge check that tests users' ability to manage marketing strategies, consent, email marketing and more under GDPR.

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