New reports with full learner data in Continuing Competence Module

As the first year of the SRA’s new approach to continuing competence enters its final quarter, we have introduced two new reports in the VinciWorks Continuing Competence Module that will help you analyse learning progress across the firm.

The reports are:

  • Competency – Progress by User 
  • Competency – All Needs

Competency – progress by user

This report provides data on all users in the Continuing Competency Module. The report details:

  • Has a learner considered the competence statement?
  • How many needs has a learner identified?
  • How many needs are “not started”, “in progress” and “completed?
  • How many activities have been completed and how many are planned?

In addition the report provides data on how engaged learners are in the continuing competence process:

  • Date learner last accessed the system
  • Date learner last created a need
  • Date learner last modified a need

How this report is used

The report can be used to identify users that have been delinquent in their compliance with continuing competence. A report can be mailed to line managers with a list of employees that have not logged an activity within a particular timeframe. Additionally, L&D managers can identify users that are in danger of not completing their learning requirements before their deadline.

Competency – all needs

This reports provides the most comprehensive view of learner information. It records the full details of every learning need along with the last modified date.

The report can generate a date for the past week, past month, the current CPD year or the previous CPD year.

How this report is used

This report can be mailed on a weekly or monthly basis to the L&D department in order to receive a real-time view of learning activities in the form.

Alternatively, reports can be filtered by line manager and used as part of a performance review in order to discuss L&D goals and targets.

Accessing the reports

To access these reports, click on the reports button in the sidebar of VinciWorks’ Learning Management System. Then click “Create Custom Report” and choose one of the new competence reports.

Both reports provide data for the current CPD year and historical data for previous years. In addition, both reports can be saved and automatically emailed to relevant staff.