New LMS feature: manage activity requests without leaving your desk

Users can now easily request to take on a new learning activity, without leaving the office or writing an email. This new automated feature means administrators can easily authorise and track their staff’s learning activities.

With this new feature, users simply click on the “submit activity request form” option on the top right of their LMS and enter the details of the activity they are requesting. Once the user has completed their request, their line manager will receive the request via email. Once the request is approved by the line manager, the activity will be appear under the user’s list of learning activities.

How to set up the activity request workflow

Adding this new feature is simple. Click on “configure” and choose the “manage firm settings” option. Then click the “yes” option for “should learners be able to request permission to attend activities?”. From there, click “manage activity request workflow” and complete the short form there.

Activity requests set up

Administrators can choose whether to have one or two levels of approval

Users can easily submit an activity request with all the information about the activity, including the cost and a link to any information regarding the activity.

Activity request for users

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