VinciWorks has had a robust business continuity plan in place for years. That plan and multiple backup systems have allowed us to weather many unexpected events without any impact to operations.

That said, as Covid-19 continues to spread, we have reexamined those plans, stress-tested them, and added additional safety and backup measures. This is to ensure that our service and customer support remain available and unrestricted throughout this difficult period. 

Keeping our customers up and running

Despite the global spread of Covid-19 and the uncertainty around the virus’ future impact, we do not anticipate any interruptions to our service. Our business is designed to work seamlessly with a global distributed workforce and our IT systems have built-in redundancies. 

Here are some of the measures that we have put in place:

  • As of 1 March 2020 all essential employees have refrained from international travel
  • All employees are now working from home and have access to all of our systems via secure VPN on company issued laptops
  • All of our systems and data can be accessed securely from any location and we have robust communication systems in place
  • Employees have been briefed on the cybersecurity and privacy risks of remote work and we have taken measures to mitigate those risks
  • All critical systems are deployed in data centres with redundancy and the ability to restore services from secondary locations if required
  • All critical job roles have multiple overlaps to ensure continued operations in the event of sickness
  • We are considering conducting all initial interviews for new roles via video chat for the foreseeable future
  • Employees are instructed to refrain face-to-face meetings and rely, where possible, on video conferencing and screen-sharing
  • The wellbeing, health and safety of our staff is our critical priority. We have instructed all staff to remain safe, refrain from unnecessary risks and stay home if they have any concerns

Our customer support hours and SLA have not been impacted. We will continue offering the same level of obsessive customer service and uptime that you have come to expect. 

As an e-learning business, we anticipate a spike in usage as companies institute remote working policies. We are prepared for that spike. Our systems have been stress-tested for usage spikes and we are confident that they can scale to handle any additional demands.

Please do not hesitate to contact us If you have unique challenges, or training plans during this period. 

Covid-19 resources and training

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing various resources and training to assist you with your compliance needs during this time. Many of those resources will be free. Proceeds from the sale of resources will be donated to efforts to fight the virus.

We have already heard from clients that have been using Omnitrack in creative ways to help manage processes related to coronavirus. These include forms to manage IT equipment requests, work-from-home requests and Covid-19 self-evaluations.

In addition, our cyber security and GDPR training have modules related to the risks and procedures when working from home.