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Poll results: when are firms changing to new CPD?

On 2nd April we asked our clients when they plan to adopt the SRA’s new approach the CPD. Here are the results.

results: April 2015: 24 percent, Nov 2015: 27 percent, Nov 2016: 24 percent, have not decided: 18 percent, individual solicitors: 8 percent

These results are comparable to the SRA’s own internal poll which found that 25% of firms would adopt the new approach as of 1 April 2015.

This was the first of a series of polls we will conduct to benchmark how the industry is adapting to the SRA’s changes.

Compliance news roundup for May 2015

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VinciWorks compliance update: upcoming courses, poll results and more

Compliance Update

Upcoming courses

    • SRA Accounts Rules: A Practical OverviewRelease date: May 2015
    • Equality & Diversity: A Practical OverviewRelease date: TBD 2015

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