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ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – helps businesses measure their impact on the world. It goes broader than profit and loss and is more detailed than corporate social responsibility.

Over the past year, we have fielded hundreds of questions during our ESG webinars. From how to get started to understanding how to choose the proper ESG framework, businesses at all stages in their ESG journey have unanswered questions.

In this webinar, Director of Learning and Content Nick Henderson and Director of Product Alona Stern answered attendees’ ESG questions.

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VinciWorks’ end-to-end ESG solution

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We are on a mission to make ESG accessible, actionable and affordable. Our end-to-end ESG programme management solution enables companies to build and execute an ESG plan quickly and efficiently.

VinciWorks has built a tool to:

  • Identify your ESG risks and opportunities
  • Set ESG goals
  • Build an ESG roadmap
  • Share progress with stakeholders

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