GDPR Compliance Myth #10: Like the Bible, GDPR is not meant to be taken literally

Was the General Data Protection Regulation handed down on tablets of stone? Were its articles intended to be revered, venerated and feared for all time? Or, as many businesses might prefer, is GDPR more of a set of guidelines, good ideas for living a moral life that don’t really matter if they aren’t actually followed? […]

GDPR Compliance Myth #9: No one really cares about GDPR compliance

VinciWorks has revisited our popular GDPR mythbusters series to separate the data protection facts from fiction. GDPR received the kind of hype normally saved for a celebrity meltdown or an Avengers movie. In 2018, the eponymous EU directive, otherwise known as Regulation 2016/679, scored higher in Google search rankings than Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. GDPR […]

GDPR Compliance Myth #8: GDPR enforcement doesn’t go beyond EU borders

As a year since the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approaches, we revisit our popular GDPR Mythbusters series to separate the data protection facts from fiction. GDPR’s reach promised to be global. Companies around the world would fear the shadow of the EU regulators. They would quake in their sandals or […]

GDPR Compliance Myth #7: Huge GDPR fines never really happen

As a year since the introduction of GDPR approaches, VinciWorks revisits our popular GDPR mythbusters series to separate the data protection facts from fiction. Just six minutes after GDPR came into force on 25 May, 2018, two European advocacy groups, Quadrature du Net and None Of Your Business (NOYB), filed complaints against search giant Google. […]

GDPR Myth #4: GDPR is not something for the legal sector to worry about

“We don’t do marketing.” “We already comply with the DPA.” “We outsource our IT.” Does the legal sector need to worry about GDPR? These are all bedtime stories some in the legal sector have been telling themselves about GDPR. The truth is, like any business, the legal sector must be ready for GDPR-day in May. […]

GDPR Myth #3: You can’t send marketing emails anymore

Do the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) mean you can’t send any more marketing emails? JD Wetherspoons, the UK’s largest pub chain, hit the industry headlines last year when it decided to delete its entire marketing list. GDPR has injected a sense of impending doom into email marketers worried that carefully cultivated lists will need […]