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Whistleblowing Compliance

Reporting and training solutions relating to whistleblowing

Whistleblowing reporting portal

Omnitrack’s whistleblowing portal is a solution designed to capture all breaches, complaints and issues in one secure framework to mitigate organisational risk in real time. Creating an interdependency between ethics and compliance, the portal transmits an ultimately powerful message to employees and management that their corporate culture is truly transparent and ethical. Forms can be custom-built according to legislative best practice.

Screenshof the whistleblowing portal

Customisable whistleblowing compliance training

Whistleblowing: Understand Your Rights provides a comprehensive overview of whistleblower rights within the UK. The aim of the course is to improve the culture in every organisation so that employees feel comfortable whistleblowing where necessary. The course includes real-life scenarios where whistleblowing could have helped prevent disaster, examples of when whistleblowing has helped prevent disaster and a practical guide on how to whistleblow.

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