Equality and Diversity

Diversity and harassment training

Impactful, story-based training that drives businesses towards creating a more accepting and comfortable place to work

VinciWorks' diversity and harassment courses do more than simply cover business' obligations under the 2010 Equality Act. Our training tackles issues at the forefront of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. VinciWorks' diversity and harassment training suite includes both interactive story-based training and the traditional approach to e-learning.

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VinciWorks' diversity and harassment training suite

VinciWorks' training on diversity, equality and anti-harassment includes both impactful, interactive story-based learning and the more traditional approach to training.

Course name About the course Length
Diversity and Inclusion at Work: MyStory Hard-hitting personal accounts of diversity-related discrimination at work, with supporting videos and resources 30 minutes
Harassment and Bullying at Work: MyStory Directly applies the lessons of the #MeToo movement through hard-hitting stories of workplace sexual harassment 20 minutes
Diversity: A Practical Overview Fully customisable training on the 2010 UK Equality Act with review questions 30 minutes


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