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Prepare for GDPR – free on-demand GDPR webinars

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Over the weeks leading up to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force, VinciWorks has hosted a number of webinars on the topic, answering hundreds of questions in the process. You can get instant access to all our GDPR webinar recordings by clicking on the links below.

Understanding the Data Protection Act 2018

In our webinar on understanding the Data Protection Act 2018, VinciWorks’ GDPR experts Nick Henderson and Gary Yantin explored the newly enacted DPA 2018 and the key differences and derogations from GDPR you need to know about.

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Full-day GDPR webinar

On 24 May, the day prior to GDPR coming into force, VinciWorks hosted a full-day webinar including live Q&As, interviews with GDPR experts and helpful advice on complying with the new regulation.

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GDPR – Data Protection Impact Assessments

During this webinar, Nick guided listeners through the process of conducting a DPIA. He also answered questions on the topic of DPIAs and gave guidance on next steps to those who have already begun the process.

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GDPR is here. Compliance has just begun.

The General Data Protection Regulation has now come into force. The UK’s third generation of data protection law has received Royal Assent and its main provisions commenced on 25 May 2018. The new Act aims to modernise data protection laws to ensure they are effective in the years to come. VinciWorks has hosted a number of webinars to help businesses prepare for the EU-wide law.

On 24, VinciWorks hosted a full-day live webcast to answer questions, interview experts and review the changes to data protection law under GDPR.

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Full-day live GDPR webcast schedule

10:00am – Q&A on lawful basis for processing, Gary Yantin and Nick Henderson, VinciWorks

11:00am – GDPR Mythbusters, Webinar replay

11:30am – So you’ve been appointed DPO. What now? Interview with Andrew Moyser, MHA MacIntyre Hudson Chartered Accountants

12:00pm – Live Q&A on privacy notices and DPIAs, Alyssa Redsun and Nick Henderson, VinciWorks

1:00pm – Data Protection Impact Assessments, Webinar replay

2:00pm – The ICO’s view – what will change after GDPR? Richard Nevinson, Information Commissioner’s Office

2:15pm – GDPR – getting it right, Alex Brown, Simmons & Simmons

2.30pm – Live Q&A – ask us anything (about GDPR), Gary Yantin and Nick Henderson, VinciWorks

3:30pm – Privacy notices, Webinar replay

4:30pm – Dawn raids – preparing for the unexpected, Karla Gahan, VinciWorks

5:00pm – Closing remarks and guidance

View full schedule and presenter bios

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Free on-demand GDPR webinar – conditions for processing

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Under GDPR, you need an approved ‘condition for processing’ for every data processing activity, but you don’t always need to seek consent. With just a week until GDPR comes into force, Director of Course Development Nick Henderson and Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin hosted another webinar to take a deep dive into understanding the conditions for processing data which underpin all uses of personal data.

The webinar covered:

  • When do we need consent and when do we not?
  • How to rely on legitimate interest
  • Data processing scenarios
  • Answering your questions on the topic

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On-demand GDPR webinar – Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

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With GDPR day less than a month away, Director of Course Development Nick Henderson continued  to help organisations prepare for the new EU wide regulation. During the webinar, Nick guided listeners through the process of conducting a DPIA. He also answered questions on the topic of DPIAs and gave guidance on next steps to those who have already begun the process.

Read more: The VinciWorks GDPR training suite

The webinar covered:

  • The seven steps of conducting a DPIA
  • The suggested DPIA timeline
  • What to do if you haven’t yet started conducting your DPIAs
  • Who should be responsible for conducting and monitoring DPIAs
  • Shared tips from attendees

Key findings

  • 55% of attendees said they haven’t consulted externally on their DPIA while 27% said they have and 8% said they haven’t but they should have done
  • Biometric and genetic data are now special categories of data under GDPR and are required to be included in a DPIA
  • It is important to act on the recommendations of the DPIA and often are required to share findings with a third party, such as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • Only 4% of attendees have conducted a DPIA on everything while 30% are planning to begin the process soon

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Free on-demand webinar – GDPR Mythbusters

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Should we be deleting our whole email marketing list? How much can you actually be fined for a GDPR offence? In this webinar, Director of Course Development Nick Henderson and Yehuda Solomont explored the myths surrounding GDPR and helped separate the facts from the fiction. The webinar is based on our GDPR Mythbusters blog series that we are publishing in the lead up to GDPR day.

The webinar focused on the following GDPR myths

  • You’ll be fined 4% of global turnover for your first GDPR offence
  • GDPR requires you to delete all of a person’s data if they ask
  • You can’t send marketing emails anymore
  • HR policies and practices won’t be affected
  • No one will know if I don’t comply with GDPR
  • Compliance will cost you business

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On-demand webinar: GDPR – 10 steps to take before May

GDPR webinar banner

With GDPR day fast approaching, Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin and Director of Course Development Nick Henderson discussed the steps businesses should take to prepare. This was the first in a series of webinars on the topic of GDPR. You can download a recording of the webinar and the accompanying slides by clicking the button below.

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Free webinar: GDPR – 10 steps to take before May

21 FebruaryOn Tuesday 21 February at 12pm, Director of Best Practice Gary Yantin will be joined by Director of Course Development Nick Henderson to explore the challenges facing organisations in preparing for GDPR and give guidance on what still needs to be done.

The webinar will cover:

  • Is your organisation ready for the changes?
  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and making the most out of them?
  • Dealing with sensitive categories of data
  • What to consider when appointing a Data Protection Officer
  • The Data Protection Bill 2018 There will be an opportunity for answering your questions.

The webinar will end with the opportunity to have any questions on the topic answered. You can register for the webinar by clicking on the button below.

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Anti-Slavery Day – what is your business doing?

Anti-Slavery Day

Quick start guide to compliance with the Modern Slavery Act

Tomorrow, 18th October, marks UK Anti-Slavery Day. Created by an Act of Parliament to raise awareness of the millions of men, women and children held in slavery and deprived of their basic human freedom, it can also shine a light into the slivers of progress being made to tackle modern-day slavery.

“Modern slavery is like terrorism,” said International Development Secretary Priti Patel. “If we don’t tackle the root causes, the victims will come to Europe via Libya and Italy, and those problems will manifest themselves on the streets of London.”
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VinciWorks hosts first risk summit

VinciWorks Risk Summit

General Counsel and Heads of Risk attended VinciWorks’ first risk summit

On 12th September more than 30 senior counsel and heads of risk gathered to discuss the risk horizon at VinciWorks’ first risk summit in the Soho Hotel.

Delegates from international law firms, accountancy firms and corporates shared their insights into the issues that they hope will grab their board’s attention as they plan their risk management strategies. The event was chaired by VinciWorks CEO Howard Finger.
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