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Know Your Deal

Interactive scenario based anti-bribery training

In Anti-Bribery: Know Your Deal, users face a set of realistic characters and scenarios, some of whom may be trying to offer, or ask for, a bribe. It is up to users to assess each situation and decide on the best course of action based on company procedures and the law. The course is suitable for all types of users in an organisation, from rookies to veterans, and includes a unique course builder at the start, so every user completes their own personalised course, individually tailored to their training requirements.

A gamified approach to anti-bribery training

A gif showing how the birbery course works

Course features

  • Covers the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Unique course builder, allowing each user to complete their own personalised course, whether they are a manager, in charge of payments or work in the US
  • Gamified learning that rewards users with a new experience points system
  • Expert users are able to "test-out", allowing them to complete the course in less time
  • Translated versions available in multiple languages
  • Add your own custom scenario questions

Screenshots from the course

Unique course builder

In order to deliver the right course to each user, Anti-Bribery: Know Your Deal begins with a short questionnaire. Each user then receives the course most suited to their role and responsibilities, with the course being 15-45 minutes depending on the answers to the introductory questions.

The course can contain up to six individual modules:

Bribery basics
Working abroad
Gifts and donations
How does this make you feel?

Course outcomes

  • Understand the requirements of the UK Bribery Act
  • Learn to evaluate risks and follow the right course of action
  • Spot bribery risks and red flags
  • Be aware of your responsibilities when working abroad or managing teams
  • Get to grips with the FCPA and its requirements
  • Consider the real world implications of bribery and corrupt conduct

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