Recent events have once again highlighted racism and grave injustices towards people of colour, accentuating the need for both continued and renewed introspection and action to fight against racism. As businesses think hard about whether they are doing enough to educate their staff on the issue, the demand for diversity and inclusion training has increased. Enrolling your staff in diversity training focussing on racism signals to staff how important the issue is to your organisation.

Racism Today: MyStory sheds light on instances of discrimination, racism and bias against BAME people all too frequently experienced by people in the workplace through hard-hitting stories. After reading each story, users are asked one simple question. The correct answer may shock you.

The three key concepts — Experience, Explore, Racil bias

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The course educates users on the issue through the voices of those affected by racism and discrimination in the workplace. In Experience, users are presented with striking accounts of racism in the workplace.

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The Explore feature allows users to scroll through videos and articles related to racism and discrimination to further raise awareness and share guidance on the topic.

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The Racial bias section includes high-profile instances where shocking biases against individuals or groups have taken place. By reading these stories and becoming aware of these disparities, we can challenge the biases that exist in our society.

Learning outcomes

A key first step in dismantling lingering racism is listening. VinciWorks' story-based training was developed with the aim of transforming learning into a personal, awareness-raising experience rather than simply a tick-box exercise.

Here are the key learning outcomes of this style of training:

  • Understand what constitutes race discrimination in the wider equality context
  • Better understand systemic and institutional racism by putting yourself in someone else's shoes for a few minutes
  • Develop an emotional, empathetic connection to the stories in the course
  • Help users understand the impact of institutional racism on BAME people
  • Learn hard-hitting facts and statistics about racism
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