MyStory directly applies the lessons of the #MeToo movement to the training sphere. The course does not subject users to legalistic definitions of harassment. Instead, it brings to life the real impact of bullying and harassment at work through hard-hitting stories, connects users to a global movement, and gives them a chance to have their story heard too. The course includes three main sections: Experience, Explore and Share, with the "Seek help" function providing the guidance and resources for staff who wish to report inappropriate behavior. The course has both a US version and a UK version. The US version is built to comply with the New York State and City sexual harassment prevention laws coming into force in October 2018.

The three key concepts — Experience, Explore, Share

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In Experience, users are presented with striking accounts of bullying, harassment and sexual assault in the workplace. Whilst the stories are fictional, they are based on real events experienced by people every day.

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The Explore feature allows users to scroll through and explore the tweets, articles and videos which launched the #MeToo movement and helped it spread across the world.

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In Share, users are offered the opportunity to anonymously and securely share their personal story, and, separately, can agree for what they share to be used in future versions of the course.

Stop Sexual Harassment in New York City Act

The new bill requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide sexual harassment training to new employees after 90 days of employment and to continue to provide interactive sexual harassment training to all employees on an annual basis. VinciWorks' new course will fulfill the requirements of the bill, as well as raise awareness of the issue of harassment and bullying at work and help improve the work culture in your organization.

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