On-demand webinar: DAC6 – The non-legal perspective

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Wednesday 25 November, 12:00pm (UK)

How does DAC6 affect banks, investment houses, accounting firms, multinationals, and taxpayers?

DAC6 is a European directive aimed at reducing international tax evasion and promoting transparency. It requires any company that serves as an “intermediary” to a cross-border tax arrangement to assess that arrangement and report it to the tax authorities in some situations.

DAC6 potentially creates a significant compliance burden for companies that are party to a cross-border transaction, even if their role seems incidental. Many investment funds and banks, as well as multi-national corporations, will be exposed to liability under DAC6.

In this webinar, VinciWorks’ DAC6 experts gave guidance on what the Directive means for businesses and how businesses with and without in-house legal teams are managing the DAC6 process and reporting.

During the webinar we covered:

  • What is DAC6 and how does it apply to different industries?
  • What is a proportionate approach to DAC6?
  • Who is responsible for DAC6 reporting?
  • When should a DAC6 report be made?
  • Do you need to manage your professional advisors’ DAC6 reporting?
  • Should staff be trained on DAC6?
  • Do you need a reporting tool?

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About the experts

Ruth Cohen, VinciWorks' Legal and Research Executive

Legal and Research Executive Ruth Mittelmann Cohen holds an LLB specialising in International Commercial Law. Ruth has experience in both the public and private sectors, having consulted for many Fortune 500 companies. She has expert-level knowledge across a wide range of areas including DAC6, GDPR, harassment, information security, commercial law and regulatory compliance.

Gary Yantin, Director of Best Practice

As Director of Best Practice at VinciWorks, Gary Yantin works with professional service firms of all sizes to provide the best compliance learning experience for their staff. He was previously an in-house lawyer and a solicitor in private practice. Gary has hosted many webinars and workshops for VinciWorks on a wide range of risk and compliance topics including GDPR and the SRA’s new approach to ongoing learning.

VinciWorks’ DAC6 reporting solution – Maximum compliance, minimum fuss

Our DAC6 reporting solution allows multinational businesses to record all cross-border transactions while guiding them on which transactions require reporting.

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