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One of the most important aspects of DAC6 compliance is making sure intermediaries report transactions within the reporting deadline. Having consulted with over 50 leading international firms and HMRC, we have updated the DAC6 portal dashboard to make it easier for administrators to stay on top of deadlines. Our customisable dashboard will allow firms to easily track when a deadline is approaching, see what’s overdue and review what has been reported.

What are the key features of the new DAC6 portal dashboard?

1. Clear overview of the status of reports

Screenshot of DAC6 reporting portal dashboard

Failure to submit a report can result in a fine from HMRC. The dashboard gives a clear, customisable visual overview of the upcoming deadlines and overdue reportable transactions.

2. Customise widgets

Screenshot of DAC6 dashboard - customising widgets

While all of our clients receive a ready-to-go DAC6 portal dashboard, each firm has their own needs. We have therefore made it easy for firms to customise their dashboard. Every aspect of the widgets in the dashboard can be edited. To edit the dashboard, select “Edit dashboard”. You can then edit each widget individually.

Here are some of the core customisation features:

  • The name of the widget
  • The colour of the widget
  • What the widget is counting, such as overdue transactions, transactions due in the next seven days, etc.
  • What the widget is measuring

3. Add new widgets

Screenshot showing how to add widgets to DAC6 reporting dashboard

If there is additional information you would like to capture on your dashboard, select “Add a row” at the bottom of the dashboard and then select a layout for the widgets. You can then choose a widget such as a bar chart, pie chart, numeric counter, etc.

4. Drag and drop widgets

Easily drag and drop widgets to organise the dashboard in a way that makes sense. Once in edit mode, simply hover your mouse around the side of the widget and drag it to any section of the dashboard.