VinciWorks’ Omnitrack reporting tool is used to manage sensitive compliance data, such as DAC6 reporting, GDPR and annual declarations. The security of this data is maintained through multiple layers of encryption and cyber security controls. These measures are audited on a regular basis by an independent penetration tester.

In addition, VinciWorks enables clients to take full control of their data by offering multiple hosting options: 

  • SaaS – Cloud offering hosted by VinciWorks
  • Cloud offering with dedicated client database
  • On-premises or private cloud hosting

All of these options adhere to strict cyber security standards and all have been successfully implemented. This post details the how and why of hosting Omnitrack on your own servers.

What are the benefits of hosting Omnitrack on premises?

Data collection and management compliance

Some organisations have particular data compliance requirements that prevent them from using a cloud-hosted SaaS solution. Hosting Omnitrack on premises gives businesses full and sole control of their data locally, enabling them to meet those requirements.

Host Omnitrack on local-only networks

On-premises deployments can be hosted in isolated local-only networks, adding an additional level to the industry-standard security already provided by the cloud solution. This can be particularly important if the application is mission-critical and is deployed in an environment where internet connectivity is poor or less reliable.

Deploy Omnitrack according to your specific requirements

Hosting on premises enables organisations to tailor every aspect of the software deployment to their requirements. They can control exactly which hardware they use, when it is upgraded and how their network infrastructure is configured.

Full control for the IT team

Hosting on premises gives the organisation’s IT team full control of when and how the software is updated and deployed, and allows them to do it according to their own timeline.

Continued support from VinciWorks

Clients who host Omnitrack on premises will still have full access to VinciWorks’ highly rated technical support and customer service teams. Support is provided either via remote access or via screen-share sessions with the client’s IT team, depending on the client’s requirements.

On-premises Omnitrack hosting – FAQs

Here are some questions that our on-prem clients have asked. Note: if you are considering hosting Omnitrack on premises, we recommend forwarding this blog to your IT team.

Have you ever set up an on-premises solution?

Yes. VinciWorks have successfully set up multiple on-premises servers for Omnitrack clients, including an on-prem instance of the DAC6 reporting tool.

Which licence do you need to host on-prem?

On-prem Omnitrack is only available for firms on the Unlimited licence tier. 

What is the minimum storage requirement for hosting?

The minimum requirement is a server with 16GB of RAM, 20GB of storage and 4 CPUs.

What are the system and setup requirements?

VinciWorks will provide the client with a virtual machine image to run as a virtual server. That virtual server would be running Linux internally, but it can be initialised in either a Windows or Linux environment that supports virtualization software. The virtual server is self-sufficient and stateless, and is accessible via a single entry point. It includes orchestration software that runs the application modules and their dependencies in Docker containers. The application consists of several Java and Node.js processes.

How will the database be managed?

The PostgreSQL database that stores the application’s data will be installed, hosted and managed separately by the client.

What external services are required?

The other external services that the application requires are a file storage system and an SMTP email system. These will be connected to the virtual server via a configuration file.

What is the setup process?

The setup process can be complicated for those who are not experienced in IT. We recommend sending the following steps to your IT team:

  • Create empty Postgres database
  • Download the Omnitrack application from VinciWorks in the form of a virtual machine image
  • Follow VinciWorks’ instructions to create a configuration file that describes the database connection, SMTP details and filesystem access
  • Install virtual server and configuration files are installed by the client

Who is responsible for monitoring and maintaining Omnitrack?

Clients will be responsible for configuring application monitoring as well as backup and restore procedures. Regarding system updates, VinciWorks will provide a new virtual machine image for the client to download and will notify the client when updates are available.

How much does On-prem Omnitrack hosting cost?

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More details on hosting options

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