The problem

On a regular basis, many businesses, such as law firms and accountancies request that all employees complete a declaration for compliance purposes. This declaration might include information on conflicts of interest, directorships, significant shareholders in companies, outstanding insurance liability issues and more.

Traditional methods for collecting this data lack the ability to track and follow up with those that haven't completed the declaration; they require administrative staff to review numerous entries, most of which are low-risk, to determine which ones require attention. Further, they require that users fill in nearly identical information from year-to-year.

The solution

VinciWorks has studied the annual declarations process at multiple firms to build a best-practice solution that saves time for employees and administrators, delivers completed declarations faster and can be deployed in less than a week. Omnitrack's annual declaration reporting software allows employees to easily complete their declarations, usually in minutes. Any potential compliance issues are automatically flagged, allowing compliance and risk teams to rapidly assess the risk.

Create forms, track and manage reports on one platform


Administrators can either build forms themselves or use our best-practice customisable built-in forms. High risk submissions are then automatically flagged.


Track who has completed the form and easily identify any risks. Automatic email reminders can be set for those who do not complete the survey.

Review and resolve

Review flagged entries via the dashboard and take appropriate action.

Manage reports

Submissions can be segmented by administrators and all entries and reports can easily be exported.

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